Did you know that the Poto MBA’s trail maintenance needs are higher than EVER before?

1) Our chapter has more trail mileage than ever before! AWESOME!!! But, it’s a significant increase in maintenance for an extremely small volunteer base.

2) We still have trail to build at DTE. But, the Green Lake and Big Kame loops are now well established and have transitioned into maintenance mode.

3) Lastly, many of our chapter’s flagship trails are on state land where precautions are in place to protect the threatened Massasauga rattlesnake. What does this mean for us? We have to maintain the trail corridors on a much more frequent basis, and this is a SIGNIFICANT amount of work. More than ever before. The TC’s really need help with this.

Trail coordinators are seeking trail section adopters, regular mowing help, and routine maintenance at the Poto MBA trails listed below:




Sharon Mills

We are actively seeking YOUR help. This means you! And your brother. And your friends. And their friends, too. If you would like to help, please send an email to volunteer@ and indicate which trail you want to help maintain. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate Trail Coordinator.

Help is needed at DTE Energy Foundation Trail, too! For DTE, we have developed  maps (Green Lake map and Big Kame map) for section adoption and a Sign Up Genius for volunteers. Reserve your section today before it’s gone!! You may also email volunteer@dtetrail.org if you have questions specifically about maintenance needs at DTE.

Never volunteered before? Not sure what a section adopter means? You can click here for a reference guide.

Thanks for volunteering! Don’t forget to log your volunteer hours! Tracking the time you contribute to a trail and reporting it is one of the most important things you can do to help us build and maintain great relationships with land managers.