Want More Trails Close to Home?

Mountain biking has helped us all get away, clear our heads, stay healthy, and enjoy time outdoors. We suspect every mountain biker has looked down the trail and appreciates it now more than ever.

Our quality trails don’t magically appear.  Trails happen because of the efforts of the Potawatomi Mountain Biking Association, dedicated members and volunteers.   We need your support to continue to create, maintain, and preserve your mountain bike experience.

Trail stewards and advocates matter now more than ever. Protecting and maintaining the trails we all love and enjoy is increasingly important as mountain biking popularity grows. Now is the time to get more involved.

Join  or renew anytime, but prize drawings are only available until October 31!!  Sign up by midnight on Halloween you will be registered to win a Yeti SB1165 C2, Yeti SB140 C2 or several other prizes from the International Mountain Bike Association!

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