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Rolling Hills Adopt-a-Trail Segment

Date: October 16, 2019

The Poto Chapter is implementing our Adopt-a-Trail Segment Program at Rolling Hills for 2017.

What is the Program?

You adopt a section of Rolling Hills correspondent to a color-coded map and agree to perform routine maintenance on that section for 2017.

Here's the map:

2017 Segment adopters will get right of first refusal on their 2016 sections.

What are Adopter Responsibilities?

The following document details responsibilities of each adopter in depth:

Poto Trail Adoption Guidelines

Sign up below if you are interested in adopting a section (color) or have additional questions. Note: You will need to share your contact info (email/phone) with the chapter, the Land Manager and the other section adopters if you become an adopter. This is simply so we can all communicate on maintenance and upkeep issues. If you do not wish to share this info, please don't adopt. Your contact info will not be shared with any others without your consent.

Thanks for considering adoption!

Mike Connolly
Rolling Hills Trail Coordinator

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