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Hewens Creek Adopt-a-Trail Segment 2017

Date: March 19, 2017

The Poto Chapter is implementing our Adopt-a-Trail Segment Program at Hewens Creek for 2017.

What is the Program?

You adopt a section Hewens Creek Trail correspondent to a color-coded map and agree to perform routine maintenance on that section for 2017.

A copy of the map (Adobe .pdf file) can be found here:

2017 Segment adopters will get right of first refusal on their 2016 sections.

What are Adopter Responsibilities?

The following document (Word .doc file) details responsibilities of each adopter in depth:

Poto Trail Adoption Guidelines

Sign up below if you are interested in adopting a section (color) or have additional questions.

Thanks for considering adoption!

Bob Hollen and John Woodcock Hewens Creek Trail Coordinators

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What Available Spots
Red Segment #1: Sign up »
Yellow Segment #1: Bob H.
Purple Segment #1: Sign up »
Orange Segment #1: Sign up »